The future of work is here. More companies are embracing the idea that employees can work from different locations away from the office. Why is this catching up?

For starters, there are several studies showing the benefits of remote work to employees. According to the State of Remote Work 2018 by Buffer, 43% of freelancers and employees in the study said that the biggest benefit of working remotely was having a flexible schedule to attain a work-life balance they desperately need. Other benefits mentioned include: spending time with family, ability to travel, working from home and exercising regularly.

The lesser-known benefits include:

You can work from anywhere

You read that right. Most remote workers choose to work from home but that doesn’t mean you have to set up an office in the corner in your house. Armed with your laptop, phone, and a good internet connection, the world is your oyster. You can work from anywhere, a coffee shop, a co-working space or enjoy the great outdoors.

You can set your schedule

You do not have to work 9-5. You may have to put in the same hours, but you mostly have the flexibility of when to do it. Night owls, this is your time to shine. Just make sure you meet your deadlines and give results.

You will learn more

Working away from colleagues will force you to be more proactive. You will learn and adapt to new technologies to ease your workflow as working remotely relies heavily on these tools to deliver results. Other soft skills you will learn include, being an effective communicator, being organized and productive.

You will save money

Commute cost is the first obvious saving you get when you start working remotely. With this freedom, you can choose to live in a much cheaper place away from the metropolitan where rent is much higher. Other areas you can save money on include; food costs-no more snacks and eating out lunches and you now qualify for tax breaks where you can get write-offs for your home office equipment that you buy.

You will become more independent

Working remotely will effectively make you improve not only in skills to execute the work at hand but also self-mastery. When you come across something new for example, you become resourceful and do a quick internet search or download a free guide to get to the answers you need. You no longer rely on your colleague to get your work done.

In conclusion, when you combine these benefits with the more known advantages of working remotely, it is easy to see why many employees are now demanding to have this option to not only attain their work-life balance but also enjoy the perks that come with this view of working.

Do you work remotely? What benefits have you gained as you conduct your remote work?

Rehema Abdul

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